SAN FRANCISCO and LONDON, Feb. 4, 2020, PRNewswire

Logistics and Supply Chain industry veterans, Peter Nicholls, Ken Lyon, and Linda Elliott Zider, announce the launch of Tucson Technology, a management solution for shippers, 3PLs and carriers worldwide. 

Established in the UK with operations in Hyderabad India, San Francisco California and Singapore, the team has developed the first cloud-native global carrier management platform: T2 Cloud. 

T2 Cloud is an enterprise-class platform supporting worldwide operations designed to ship from everywhere to anywhere. The T2 platform supports the most demanding and complex business logistics needs. “The elaborate choreography necessary to manage the variety of physical logistics services, related information flows and unexpected external factors such as weather and other unforeseen issues, is both complex and obscure. The team at T2 has decades of building solutions that do this,” according to Ken Lyon, Board Chairman. 

Tucson Technology’s T2 Cloud “uses the latest technologies to ensure continuity and keep pace with the inevitable transformation of the digital supply chain,” stated Peter Nicholls, Chief Architect.  Peter was formerly President of Tangata (now ConnectShip, a UPS subsidiary) and was one of the creators of the first patented client-server shipping system. 

CEO Linda Elliott Zider has brought together a world-class team with a track record of delivering solutions in Asia, Europe, and North America. Tucson Technology has received initial funding from investors in Europe and America. 

About Tucson Technology: Tucson has decades of experience in enterprise shipping combined with deep knowledge of the technologies required to deliver and deploy the world’s first 21st century shipping solution. 

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Cloud-native carrier management to ship from Everywhere to Anywhere 

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